Guided Axis Deer Hunting ~ Molokai, Hawaii

What We Offer

We offer a guided hunting package on the west side of the beautiful island of Moloka’i. We are privileged to manage nearly 3,000 acres of untouched land, which is bountiful in resources and picturesque; it will take your breath away. We aim to provide an experience of privacy and exclusivity while hunting in paradise. Once you experience a hunt with us, it will be undeniably an unforgettable memory, which will have you wanting to return for another visit.

Guided Hunting Package

Includes transportation to and from the Moloka’i Airport, a one-night stay in our hunting bunkhouse, use of a UTV and two animals; one buck (below 27″) and a doe OR two does. Additional fees are charged for more than two animals

Please Note: Additional fees apply per animal for trophy bucks 27″ or greater.

Valid Hawaii Hunting License and current driver’s license or state ID required.

Our Story

Generations ago, a young man named Harry Nobuo Shimizu, affectionately known as “Nobu,” developed a love for the outdoors and the sport of Axis Deer hunting on Moloka’i. Unbeknownst, his passion for the sport led to becoming a well-respected hunter and guide. His eagerness to share his favorite hunting spots led to many lifelong friendships, the world beyond. Nobu’s love of people left a legacy of him willing to “give you the shirt off his back.”

Our family has had the privilege of hunting many of the “prime” areas of Moloka’i, which has led to gained knowledge of the land, as well as a deep appreciation and understanding of the resource we are blessed to manage.

Today, as second and third generation hunters, we are proud to embody the same spirit of aloha and are continuing the legacy of the passion of hunting, with the emphasis on promoting ethical hunts. We too, shall embrace our guests and offer the same camaraderie as we were so graced with.

Our Aim is to provide an EXPERIENCE of privacy and exclusivity, while hunting in paradise.

Things to Know Before You Visit

Hunt is Guided

  • All rules need to be followed as written and reiterated by your guide
  • Guide is equipped with binoculars and range finder
  • Guide will provide transportation on a Polaris to the hunting area
  • Safety orange is required in the field
  • Guide will place you on animals and assist in retrieval

Things to Bring

  • Proof of Residency
  • Valid Hawaii Hunting License
  • Meals, including drinks for the duration of your hunt
  • Bags to store the meat
  • Cooler to pack the meat

Items Available for Sale

  • Bottled water (individual or case)
  • Healthy snack Bars
  • Plastic bags to store meat
  • Soft cooler bags

Supplies from town can be acquired at cost plus 10%

Pack accordingly for the duration of your visit. There are no laundry facilities available.

Management/Guide Rules

  • Responsible Behavior – Appreciating and respecting the rights of Kaluakoi Outfitters, specifically obeying all rules of management and your guide.
  • Respecting The Game – Understanding the deer and their habitat; treating them fairly and with respect. Focus on shot placement – it is your responsibility to ensure the deer is dispatched as quickly as possible. No hunter will dispatch every deer instantly.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to focus on locating any wounded deer to ensure it is dispatched quickly and humanely.

Obeying the Law – Laws and regulations have been introduced to insure hunting is conducted in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner, as set forth by Hunter Education.

Safety Rules

  1. Firearms MUST to be unloaded when not in use.
  2. Firearms are to be unloaded and placed in the outdoor gun rack between hunts.
  3. Always keep the barrel of your firearm pointed in a safe direction.
  4. Ammunition in not allowed in the chamber of the firearm while riding in the Polaris.
  5. Firearms are to always be on safety, but do not rely on it. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded and ready to fire.
  6. Always know your target and beyond.
  7. Always follow your guide’s instructions.
  8. Hunter orange is required in the field.

Contact For Reservations

Kaluakoi Outfitters
PO Box 1706
Kaunakakai, HI 96748

Photos & Video

Hawaii State Department of Health Requirements –
The Traveler Health Form is MANDATORY for inter-island travel.

See the video instructions and complete the form on the

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